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    The #1 Selling Game Server Utility on Steam!

Game Server Toolbox was designed with ease-of-use in mind. We wanted the application to appeal to as many people as possible. That’s why we have implemented a clean and modern user-interface to make things easy to use and easy to find!

You never lose full control of your server! While Game Server Toolbox is aimed at making the game server creation process simple and uniform across many games, you still retain full control of the server files to edit as you please. Gone are the days of a limited control panel hosted on the web!

We have implanted a community aspect to Game Server Toolbox. You can share and download user-made and official server profiles to easily create your game server. These profiles take the guessing work out of configuring your server and gets you up and running fast!

We here at SectorByte Solutions believe in good customer support. That’s why we have many ways to get you the help you need! You can browse our knowledgebase, post on the community forums, watch our video tutorials, and or if all else fails, contact us 24/7/365!

Why Game Server Toolbox?

Why not just rent a server from an online provider?

You don’t need Game Server Toolbox anymore than you need your smartphone. But why do you use your smartphone? Because it makes life easier! Game Server Toolbox dose the same thing. Yes, you can set up a server manually, but why would you do that when you can have everything done for you in just a few clicks! Game Server Toolbox is a tool that makes life a lot easier when it comes to game servers.

Well, why can’t I just go online and purchase a server from a provider? You can, but why wait hours or even days to have them provision your server? Your server will also most likely be on a shared dedicated box, using a shared IP, and shared system resources. That means you are subjectable to other users’ actions on that box such as DDOS attacks and resource hogging that could cause downtime. And to think you would be paying them a nice monthly fee…

There are no monthly fees when it comes to Game Server Toolbox. You can create as many game servers as your system can handle for as long or as little as you would like. Don’t have a good system? No problem! Game Server Toolbox also works on any Windows VM. You can purchase VM’s for far cheaper than it would cost you to rent a game server.


Here are a few screenshots from our most recent release.


Don’t take it from us, check out what other people are saying about Game Server Toolbox!

I was able to test this product before release and am very pleased with it. It works exactly as intended to get your game server setup easy and very quickly! The application is easy to use and the developer is helpful with any issues that may arise.

Da26taSteam User

Game Server Toolbox has been a very easy to use and simple tool for setting up servers so far. With this tool I am able to quickly and easily set up servers for some of my favorite games. It took very little time to understand how to set up the servers and edit them to my desires. After less then an hour of tweaking settings, I was able to get a fullly functional ARK server up and running. No third party non-sense or having to set up a seperate server, I was able to host straight from my own computer. I hope to see more from this Software in the future, as more and more games are added to the toolbox.

Hospital_SlayerSteam User

Game server tool box is a very esay to use and helpful product i love the fact that it is self explanitory and i can probably say its one of the best server tools i have seen with the layout and how simple it is.It has been a big help with my ark server and i hope it continues to have stuff added

TheClapperTTVSteam User

Game Server Toolbox is everything you need to create an awesome game server!

The #1 Selling Game Server Utility on Steam!